Gregory Blair
2017: The Year in Review
A tough year, but let's focus on the positive moments. Here are some of mine. (There are so many, I'm strongly considering getting an agent, again. So, if any of you have a referral of one that might be a great match for what I offer, I'm all ears.)

With 'Christine' at a special encore screening of the classic film.
With "Christine" at a screening of the classic John Carpenter film.

January found HERETIKS (the Paul Hyett film based on my screenplay) featured on a new list for most anticipated horror films...and we released the first official teaser trailer for GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE!

In February, I landed a (literally) killer role on ESCAPE THE NIGHT, the murder mystery series starring Joey Graceffa...and my cameo as annoying neighbor Howard made its screen debut in ON THE ROCKS at the Leammle in Beverly Hills. A teaser was also released for the gritty LOOK BACK--a dark thriller about a serial killer, the cop chasing him and me--the man who raised them both.

Gregory Blair as Shane in LOOK BACK
Gregory as unlikley father figure Shane in LOOK BACK

March Madness! I shot my bloody episode of ESCAPE THE NIGHT and booked roles in THREE (!) new films: Blake Fitpatrick's sci-fi epic ABADDON, Michael Rodriguez's slasher THE DEADLY KIND and Adam Steigert's creature feature FANG. I also enjoyed being a guest on the Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell.

In April, I shot more scenes for LOOK BACK as well as some episodes of THE HENCHBLOG--a new comedy webseries. I also sat on the panel of the Sherwood Players workshop on Diversity in Hollywood and did some more script consulting. And... drumroll, please...

...GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is finally finished! We also got our first review--a RAVE!--from Search My Trash Filmsite which you can read here. They also did a sweet interview, which you can read here. And last but not least, we released the first official full trailer!

In May, GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE got two more rave reviews: The Movie Sleuth called it "Brilliant" and Geek Nerdery declared it "A comedic romp". We also got our first "Official Selection" festival acceptances!

June found me shooting my scenes with Charles Chudabala for ABADDON before heading to upstate New York to film FANG, where I play creepy caretaker Harold who is far more than he first appears to be. The film is going to be bloody good fun. Figuratively and literally!

Photo of Gregory Blair as Harold in FANG
Getting bloody as the mysterious Harold in FANG.

July brought the GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE team our first awards! We earned two Los Angeles Academy of Film Awards: Outstanding Horror/Comedy and Outstanding Ensemble! I also got cast as the lead antogonist in Nick Hunt's SAFE PLACE and my ESCAPE THE NIGHT episode aired!

Photo of Gregory Blair as Sampson in ESCAPE THE NIGHT
The battered but brave Sampson in ESCAPE THE NIGHT.

In August, GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE won Best Comedy in its world premiere at the Artists and Aliens Film Festival in Finland. We also scored seven nominations in the FANtastic Horror Film Festival! And then...

...September! GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE screened at the United International Film Festival and the Lucky Strike Film Festival, winning the top prize of Best Film at the latter! We also won an award for Narrative Feature: Comedy in the Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards Festival. In betweeen, I did interviews for Creature Features and Eye on Entertainment.

Photo of Gregory Blair & award at the Lucky Strike Film Festival
With the Best Film award at the Lucky Strike Film Festival.

October was nuts! I was offerd roles in a huge, new television series called CYBORGS and the feature film LOCKDOWN. My short film IT AIN'T ALL BLACK AND WHITE...UNLESS IT IS screened and won an award at the Planet 9 Film Festival and GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE screened at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival and won three awards, including BEST FEATURE! I also was a guest on the "Frights of the Round Table" podcast and shot my cameo for LOCKDOWN.

In November, GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE screened at the Zed Fest Film Festival and won Outstanding Horror Comedy! I did more screenplay consulting and was engaged to do a final rewrite of SAFE PLACE. I also did interviews for Cloverleaf Radio and Morbidly Beautiful's "The Calling Hours Horror Podcast".

In December, I did some more script consulting and was cast as the freakish, demonic Preacher in a new thriller BETWEEN THE LIVING AND THE DEAD, (which also stars Lisa Wilcox from the "Nightmare On Elm Street" franchise). I also shot a guest appearance on Malvolia: The Queen of Screams Christmas Special and was a guest on the Mimosas with Michael podcast.

And the year ended with GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE making THREE "Top Ten" lists! Gross Movie Reviews' "Best Films of 2017" and The Movie Sleuth's "Top Ten Indie Horror Picks Of 2017" and's "Top 10 Highly Anticipated Indie Horror Films of 2018"!

Throughout the year, I went to a bunch of screenings and the like--too many to bore you with--but standouts included a special encore screening of John Carpenter's film adaptation of Stephen King's "Christine" (see the photo at the top of this page) and the premiere of a new Friday the 13th Part 3 Documentary by Kevin R. Phipps and Sean Richards.

With Ashley Mary Nunes at the Friday the 13th Part 3 Documentary.
With Ashley Mary Nunes at the Friday the 13th Part 3 Documentary premiere.

So much in one year. You can see why I'm considering getting an agent, again. So, if you know one that might be a great match for all this, let me know!

Finally--as always--I send warm wishes to all you who have stumbled upon this recap. Kind words and deeds become more and more meaningful as our world struggles with the harm that hate and greed breed. So be the balm. Be part of the healing. Spread love and warmth wherever you go.

And be fabulous!

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