Gregory Blair : Director
Demo Reel
Best Director of the Year Laurel Best Director of the Year Laurel
Deadly Revisions
Winner: Best Director of an Indie Horror Film Best Picture Winner: Best Narrative Feature

"Supremely confident film making!"
(Hickeys House Of Horrors)

"Director Gregory Blair gives thinking-man’s
thriller fans something to chew on!"

(Dread Central)

"A well-made, tension filled thrill ride…
(Horror Society)

"Genuinely Fun Jolts!"
(Ain't It Cool News)

(A Bucket of Corn)

"A twisted mind bender!"
(Twisted Central)

Hypnotherapy brings horror to an amnesiac writer;
but are the nightmares real or imagined?

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Garden Party Massacre Poster

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A backyard party goes awry when an uninvited guest
shows up . . . with a pickax . . . and an attitude!

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It Aint All Black And White...Unless It Is Poster
Winner: PLanet 9 Film Festival Winner: Honorable Mention Semi-Finalist: L.A. Cinefest Film Festival

A cheeky spoof of filmmaking.

In brief.

And black and white.

You can't trust what you see...
'cause we're in the land of illusion.

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