Script Consulting

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Do you have a script that needs work?
A story idea that needs development?
Maybe just a little motivation?

I'm an award winning writer and I've helped
many fellow scribes improve their writing
through my analysis of their works.

I can help YOU learn tried and true techniques
that will make your writing worlds better--
no matter what level you're at!

So what are you waiting for?

I don't bite...
...but I'll make sure your writing has teeth!


Rave reviews from clients, etc...

"Gregory Blair is a master of his craft - giving you a fresh set of eyes to help open up doors you never knew existed within your screenplay.
If you're at a crossroads and feel you've got a script stuck in development hell, Gregory's your messiah."

~Adam Rhein, Take It to the Bank

"A firm grasp of the structure of story, the nuances of grammar, coupled with a solid understanding of the business of entertainment
make Gregory Blair an indispensable script consultant. He doesn't just show you what's wrong, he offers creative solutions.
I have every script reviewed by Gregory before taking them to market."

~Nicholas Tana, Hell's Kitty

"DEADLY REVISIONS extremely well-structured story that features all of its suspense pieces and shocks,
twists and turns at all the right moments."

~Mike Haberfelner, re(Search My Trash)

I love to help people and work with all budgets!

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